FRACKING? What is it? (1)


The US oil production has in recent time surged to a 20 year high and the US will soon be exporting shale or ‘fracked’ gas to United Kingdom and possibly other parts of the world. This will definitely lower the price of oil all over the world. What this means to countries like Nigeria whose major oil demand comes from the US is that they will be left with no option than to sell at a give away price. What is fracking? How do we get a ‘fracked’ gas? What are the benefits? what are the economic implications? what are likely environmental impacts? what are the likely implications on oil producing countries like Nigeria? Does the economic gains of fracking outweighs its environmental impacts?

Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is the process of extracting natural gas from shale rock layers deep within the earth. Fracking makes it possible to produce…

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As Obama Visits Upstate New York, the Fracking Debate Takes Center Stage

Science & Space

President Obama is planning to tout his education plan when he visits upstate New York this week, beginning with an appearance in Buffalo today—but much of his audience is likely to be interested in only one subject: fracking. Obama has, for the most part, been in favor of using fracking—more properly known as hydraulic fracturing—to exploit the country’s huge resources of shale natural gas. In his 2012 State of the Union speech, Obama pledged to “take every possible action to safely develop” natural gas, promising that shale gas would add hundreds of thousands of jobs to the economy. And he’s been true to his word—the U.S. produced in 2012 8.13 trillion cubic ft. of natural gas from shale deposits, which requires fracking, nearly double the total from 2010, and the Energy Information Administration projects that by 2030 that figure could pass 14 trillion cubic ft. While the Environmental Protection Agency…

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f water


Hydraulic fracturing is the fracturing of rock by pressurized liquid.

f farm

Ok, now I get it.

“Fracking” is “fracturing.”

Fracking poisons water and can cause earthquakes.

f dark

So, you faithful readers of sullimaybe know that intellectual, I am not.

What is “news to me” may not be news to you.

Like, fracking.

Earlier in 2013, “The Promised Land” starring Matt Damon and John Krasinski opened to meh reviews.

f damon–matt-damons-fracking-movie-is-full-of-natural-gas-8579208.html

But, it opened my eyes to fracking.

Then, I saw producer and director Josh Fox (“Gasland”) on “Real Time with Bill Mahr,” and finally got it.

“Gasland” won an Emmy, Golden Globe, Sundance, and was nominated for an Oscar.

The sequel, “Gasland 2′ (‘fracking across the world’) is available on HBO. 


f drill

The quest for natural gas and the profits that ensue is insatiable.

Dangers of fracking are depicted here.

My home is heated with natural gas.

f stop



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Syria Bombing

Syria bombs area of alleged chemical attack

Syrian forces bomb in chemical attack area: Syrian citizens try to identify dead bodies, after an alleged poisonous gas attack by regime forces Aug. 21.

AP Photo: Local Committee of Arbeen

Syrian citizens try to identify dead bodies in Damascus after an alleged poisonous gas attack by regime forces Aug. 21.
Associated Press 1 hr ago | By Bassem Mroue of Associated Press






The day after an alleged poisonous gas attacked killed hundreds in Damascus, the same area was bombed by Syrian regime forces.

BEIRUT — President Bashar Assad’s forces pressed on with a military offensive in eastern Damascus Thursday, bombing rebel-held suburbs where the opposition said a chemical weapons attack the day before killed more than 100 people.

The government has denied allegations it used chemical weapons in artillery barrages on the area known as eastern Ghouta on Wednesday as “absolutely baseless.” The United States, Britain and France have demanded that a team of U.N. experts already in Syria be granted immediate access to investigate the site.

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Syrian opposition figures and activists have reported widely varying death tolls from Wednesday’s attack, from 136 to as high as 1,300. But even the most conservative tally would make it the deadliest alleged chemical attack in Syria’s civil war.

Syrian forces bomb in chemical attack area: A Syrian man carries the dead body of a Syrian girl Aug. 21 in Damascus.AP Photo: Local Committee of Arbeen

A Syrian man carries the dead body of a Syrian girl Aug. 21 in Damascus after an alleged toxic gas attack by Syrian regime forces.

Wednesday’s alleged chemical weapons attack left scores of children dead, their lifeless bodies appearing in amateur videos wrapped in white cloths, their pale skin unmarked by any wounds.

UNICEF said in a statement that the reports of attacks on civilians, presumably including children, were “deeply disturbing.”

“Such horrific acts should be a reminder to all the parties and all who have influence on them that this terrible conflict has gone on far too long and children have suffered more than enough,” UNICEF said. “Children must be protected, and those who fail to protect them will be held accountable.”

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Mohammed Abdullah, an activist in the suburb of Saqba told The Associated Press via Skype that most of the dead were buried the same day in mass graves in different areas in eastern Ghouta. He said the burials took place quickly for fear the bodies might decompose as a result of the heat and lack of electricity.

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He said relatives identified some of their dead family members before burial while unidentified victims were photographed and their graves tagged with a number in case their loved ones come to collect their bodies in the future.

“Most of the dead were buried in mass graves,” Abdullah said.

The unrest in Syria began in March 2011 and later exploded into a civil war. More than 100,000 people have been killed in the conflict so far, according to U.N. figures.

Syrian forces bomb in chemical attack area: A Syrian man mourns over a dead body after an alleged poisonous gas attack fired by regime forces Aug. 21.AP Photo: Media Office Of Douma City

A Syrian man mourns over a dead body after an alleged poisonous gas attack by regime forces Aug. 21.

We can not stand by and do nothing look Saddam Hussein did so we need to go and help now.